Constantine suddenly remind of the bright light of the teaching standard this words

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Before god, to humble ghd australia.
Constantine suddenly remind of the bright light of the teaching standard this words. He grow 1 breath, lastly really feel a bit to see the way ahead. But cardinals also need to verify that lastly.
"Ivy son……"
"I stated, just is the last time repeat ghd iv this predict!" Ivy son truncated the word of the bishop in red.
Constantine way: "no, the prophecy is already quite clear, do not ought to repeat. Now I'd like to see your other predictions through the reform, for instance, you use the bee larvae emperor who predicted."
"What exactly is it, the test?" Ivy son way.
"Oh…… be examination!" Constantine his words, the face at once a red red. He would like to repeat this ivy son enough to influence his choice to the prediction of the camp, it is for your self regardless of what try, can get in touch with with celestial, as a way to obtain the Lord god the oracle.
"That pass the exam, what superior is it?" Ivy son way.
Constantine by surprise. He didn't expect ivy son to be so nakedly for rewards, it appears that she ghd straightener would have noticed by way of cardinals true intention, so start blackmail.
Cardinals suddenly feel today's ivy son is strange performance was. And she had very unique style. He hesitated a moment, way: "if pass the exam, that I will make the method of belief in chains will teach you."
Ivy son nodded, go out. Following a moment, she doesn't know where to get 4 identical modest snake, returned to meditation room.
Constantine looked at ivy son that zhang's expression ghd purple of face, frown asked: "ivy son, today's behavior is extremely strange, isn't what's on your mind? If there is certainly any of the challenges, to tell me."
Ivy son, then YiZheng weak smile, saying: "I'm just a normal elf, and which ghd boho meeting what worry……" Just words say that finish, she suddenly not modest mouth a flat, the tears of significant drops out from the eye.
Only ivy son quickly wipe tears, as if absolutely nothing has occurredly sit down, hand of four modest snake pushes aside 1. Before Constantine asked, she chant the prophecy method the spell. See the distinct shape, ivy son Constantine backstabbing words to ask, though, however, that only endure to bother her spell.
Ivy son spell, which finished reading to a snake a means, way: "god said, it is going to be greater!"
A ghd iv styling set burst of inexplicable breath, the snake suddenly grew up after a lengthy rough times, body all scales are send out a QingYouYou light, eyes also becomes the amber color. Much more unusual is that it back to stretch out a pair of meat wing!!!!!
Constantine surprised, his write-up from this variation on the snake had sensed a dragon's breath!
The second spell at ivy son has been read, and to the second snake a indicates, way: "god said, it's going to be better!"
The snake grow back 4 pieces of smaller wings, the physique slowly float inside the air.
Article three the snake in prophecy lost entity below the shadow of the shape, into biological along with the pink ghd fourth snake is off the flesh, a completely into a undead!!!!!


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