Dragon Dance in the day, group of offensive skill

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Dragon Dance in the day, group of offensive skill, the power of the outbreak of swords called super-size itself to attack the enemy, instantly causing syncope three seconds, three times the damage random skyrocketing, you need a thousand internal strength values, skills cooling time thirty seconds. Wear: Strength 100 Agility 100,ghd sale hit 50 gold and equipment have basically no level limit, when all the people see the properties of gold, after all quiet and equipment to the extreme. Gold and silver equipment, property and equipment is not a grade, and sharp, shooting, and shot speed, as well as the additional effect of increasing, these are the properties of silver and equipment can not match ah. Large Association and even the boss of a large family, have also been shocked by the properties of gold and equipment, after all, even if there is gold in their hands and equipment will not exceed two, and this was a golden swords best, actually attached sharp properties. This gold and equipment so that all the soldiers again displayed surprise, just that once the silver equipment, no one seems to remember the face of property and equipment gold, silver and equipment are not worth mentioning. All the people watching the audience on the big screen gold swords, one by one astounding. Among them, the private room is quietly surging, and this is undoubtedly the soldiers the best equipment, gold and equipment, ghd deluxe midnight and use the fifty absolutely no problem, again, did not appear cents generally have, even if there are not that stupid will come to buy, Sima banks took out the equipment so many people although the incredible gold, but it is definitely the biggest banks limit the Sima. And most important is that gold is now equipped with the wind full of fallen sword ownership Star this person, then the Emperor and the Star buildings is also very familiar with the natural, so simple, as long as even find Star Emperor Yu to be able to find it?
Even so, however, will not rule out the wind Laying Yu Wong sold the sword may, nevertheless, but the wolf and the major family has begun an investigation of the Star, but found nothing.ghd iv styler Looking at the gold and equipment, the host Hey smile, said: the swords of the reserve price is fifty thousand gold coins, each increase of not less than ten thousand, you please begin.they can not take it, let alone increase, or ten thousand gold coins each time, it is certainly not the price of this gold and equipment carried hundreds of thousands of state. Some players just want to have this equipment, common, ghd hair straightener because after the market, even if you have the money can not buy this equipment, after all, among the gold and equipment in the real world rarely seen. Long time no fare increase, people are strange scene, but the tears are in the Sima laugh, because the more so the more the weapon can be sold at a good price. Crazy wolf looked at the golden swords on the big screen only hand-wringing, hey smile, said: indeed for mad wolf, so the wolf did not say anything. last, the crowd was running out. Look to the Cross so many are people who no one thought the knife was actually the first bid was increased by fifty thousand gold coins, it seems that this person also did not want to waste time, exert its utmost to look. as well save some saliva, because the private room is now the big family of people still do not bid, ghd kiss styler this means that such price when they will be saturated blockbuster. Sima summer wind tears sitting room, looking outside, and this knife is indeed a rare gold Need for equipment, some of silver, gold and equipment is equipped with more than one property, or is more than a little offensive power or skills, but ghd hair this knife has been fast to catch up with common cents devices, so mad this guy will definitely not let the wolf. on the 23rd to the rooms, from the hundreds of thousands of bounced off a three million, it is certainly not for those who also want the people lucky enough to get this weapon lost hope. look great imperial family to the Forbidden so few, but the rest of the Imperial City must also think of these golden people and equipment, they must have ghd pretty in pink someone in here, so get equipment after the function and then send the system to send over. In other words, it is likely the Chinese are in this large family there, summer wind smile, it seems true among community and their own imagination, as indeed, very interesting. resist it? Hehe. Picked up the intercom and said: his hand, exclaimed, after a million continue to increase, you give me to two million.the venue. down, although the prime equipment is very valuable, but they just do not get the big family when money ah yuan a million gold coins is the equivalent of one million Chinese ah? These people simply eat insisted. Nonetheless, these large family that can buy a one million satisfied with the equipment yourself is worth, because a good weapon to determine your rate of growth in the real world. Summer Wind is not the case it?ghd prcious gift set If we had not that the iron sword, the sword is no breeze, he was able to grow up this pace? Finally, no one in a million last up call, not the large family does not want to, but then they do not want to miss a better equipped, and this is a warrior mounted

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